With 8 years of experience in the world of positive impact, GlobeDreamers is the ideal partner to build, fund and/or communicate about your students' positive impact projects

"It has never been more important for schools to convey strong and forward-looking values"

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positive impact projects funded

8 years

of positive impact experience

+1 million €

collected for positive impact projects


responsible companies and non-profits

GlobeDrearmers provide:

Targeted calls for projects

Positive impact projects in your image and your values

Digital tools to promote your school/university

Courses/lectures and e-learning programs to engage your students

Customized solutions

Positive Impact Students

Create the opportunity to positively impact the world and support your students in their search for purpose

Éléments clés

  • Workshops/classes/lectures related to the positive impact and funding of student projects
  • Permanent assistance to students to develop and finance their projects
  • Helpful and relevant program to make your school stand out
  • Regular opportunities for sponsorship and/or collaboration with the largest national and international NGOs
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Positive Impact Alumni

Connect and bring your alumni closer to students by actively participating in their search for purpose

Key points

  • A program designed with the schools and for the schools
  • Develop your alumni engagement with the best tools on the market
  • A program that makes sense and involves alumni with no time wasted
  • Enhance the solidarity and power of your network with this program
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Positive Impact School

Unite your students, collaborators, alumni, partners – contribute to their search for meaning

Key points

  • Positive Impact Students
  • Positive Impact Alumni
  • Your customized engagement and federation strategy
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GlobeDreamers is +1 million € collected

The latest achievements of the GlobeDreamers

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  • Call for projects of the school’s students
  • Collaborative communication plan
  • Acquisition campaigns, selection of final
  • 30 students sponsored for 28 000 € for the positive impact project on the “Smart City” theme

Orange Foundation

  • Acquisition plan to get volunteers amongst the youth of France
  • Identification of Foundation’s needs and development of 5 immersive missions with their partners
  • Production of 5 mini-reportages (3-5 minutes) : Montpellier, Marseille, Madrid,
  • Creation of a dedicated site with a multimedia blog, production of 20 articles and 6 podcasts


  • Implementation of donation management and tracking of each school’s donor
  • Collaborative communication plan
  • +200 000 € raised in 3 weeks


  • Multi-theme call for projects
  • 3-month long acquisition and broadcast plan
  • Sponsorship of 5 projects for 25 000 € total
  • Production of a 5 minutes reportage

70% of GlobeDreamers projects get media coverage

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I want to develop my school/university's CSR initiatives
Nothing could be easier with GlobeDreamers! Our tools are designed to unite, collect, track and measure your positive impact operations.
I want to connect my alumni to the students in a meaningful and sustainable way
No problem! We can provide you with the most suitable operations for your needs, from the smallest to the largest budget.
I want to perpetuate the positive impact projects of my students
We are partners with more than a dozen international and more than a hundred national NGOs. We can create customized operations with the ideal NGO for your students and thus have a maximum impact.
I want to unite my students with strong values
Everything is ready! Launch personalized calls for projects, follow your students in their positive ambitions, communicate about these unique and inclusive actions.
I want to promote my school/university in the positive impact market
Communicate about your current positive actions or develop them with GlobeDreamers! Our tools are designed to help you in these vital activities.
I have very specific needs —> Customized operations
Let's make an appointment and talk about it! We will determine your needs together in order to make you a detailed proposal with an estimate.